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Augmented Reality Accelerometer Demo for Windows Phone 7

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Today I would like to share a very good Augmented Reality application that would make to some of us the life a little more easier, and it is a good example where Augmented Reality can do and where can be used.

In this case AccelKit is a tool that simulates an accelerometer sensor for windows Phone 7, that may simplify our applications testing giving us a more real approach for our accelerometer measurements.

While I’ve been writing this article I thought that a emulator accelerometer it isn’t necesary if Windows Phone 7 has been realised, but in case that you are no lucky enough to have this awesome phone, it is a valid alternative.

So just for testing purposes today I just I’ve added some flavor to an existent project, nothing too difficult to do, but I did it because I really like the fly demo and is a very good application to learn xna.

First see this demo of the final result:

If you’re interested to do it and experiment with Windows Phone 7  Grab the files and tools

and follow this mini tutorial that I’ve prepared:

I would like to thanks to: Nikos Kastellanos for accelKit And Javier Ferrero for the fly demo .

May the code be with you!.

Mariano Ravinale

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Written by @mravinale

octubre 16, 2010 a 10:01 pm

Publicado en Windows Phone 7


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